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Offering the perfect graduation gifts

Offering the perfect graduation gifts

Graduation season is in full swing, and many friends and family are watching their favorite high school and college-aged students walk up the podium to receive the diplomas they’ve been working toward for the past four years or so.

Properly display these items
It’s important for store managers to realize the potential of sales that come with graduation gifts. It’s crucial that anything that could be seen as a possible prize be properly displayed in the windows and at the front of the store, so passersby who are on the hunt for a quick graduation gift can spot these items and head in to check out your store.

You’ll want to set up the perfect window display to advertise these goods. First, purchase some mannequins for sale and dress them up in the traditional caps and gowns. For some extra decoration, hang up some fake rolled up diplomas using clear wire. Signs that say “We did it,” “Congratulations, graduates” and “Grad gifts here” are great advertisements to pull in some consumers.

What makes a great graduation gift?
Many store owners may not realize that some of their merchandise make the perfect graduation gifts. For starters, many people will be looking for gift cards to give their favorite graduates, as these allow them to pick out exactly what they want.

Also, any gift item that can be personalized with messages such as “congratulations” or perhaps the graduation date or name of the student can be great commemorative items. Stores that offer this service will want to make sure they advertise it. Offering personalized gift wrapping and tags can also be a great add-on to any monogram purchase.

Additionally, home goods stores have a definite advantage when it comes to the graduation gift market. Students who are graduating from high school will likely be looking for dorm needs, such as storage, organizers, and bedding and bathroom supplies. However, those who are leaving college may be moving into a new apartment on their own and could also use some of these supplies, as well as a lot of kitchen tools, as young adults frequently overlook these items when they’re shopping. Home goods stores will definitely want to market to this group.