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New Year’s resolutions: Organizing your store

New Year’s resolutions: Organizing your store

The beginning of the new year isn't just the time for self-improvement, but also the perfect opportunity to try something new at your retail store. Changing the way you organize your merchandise can provide a refreshing new look for 2019.

Assessing your floor layout

There are many ways to design a retail floor plan, depending on your goals. Some store designs maximize shelf space, others focus on circulating customers throughout the store and others give shoppers clear sight-lines to specific departments.

According to The Balance Small Business, clothing retailers may choose to place islands of racks in the middle of the floor while keeping shelves to the sides. This allows shoppers to browse the racks as they move from one side of the floor to the other. Jewelry retailers, on the other hand, often choose to keep the center of the floor relatively sparse, so staff members can remain behind the display cases.

Remember, it's always easier to rearrange things on paper before implementing the changes in your store. Take accurate measurements of your floor space, shelving units, racks and cashier stands, so you can design an accurate layout.

Maximizing shelf space

Hanging and folding clothing can change the way customers interact with your merchandise. Folded clothing requires more care, as shoppers will inevitably disturb the perfect creases as they examine clothing items and put them back on the shelf. International brands like Uniqlo train their staff in specific, speedy folding methods that allow them to transition between folding tasks and customer service interactions smoothly. Washingtonian reported that the Japanese retail brand even holds staff competitions to reward staff members with the best combination of technique and speed.

Hanging clothing can make it more comfortable to browse through items, as shoppers don't have to unfold items to see them properly. Check out our guide to settle the hanging vs folding debate at your shop.

Optimizing add-on item placement

An effective way to maximize your store layout is to display smaller, less costly items near relevant merchandise. For instance, it would make sense to display tie clips near a selection of silk ties. Over time, add-on items can increase your average sale totals.

Placing small, affordable items near the cash register can encourage customers to add to their purchase while they wait in line. Shelving end caps are another great way to catch shoppers' attention as they peruse other merchandise.

Maintaining visual interest

To keep shoppers interested in exploring your floor space, consider adding decorations at varying heights throughout the store. If all of your racks and shelves end at the same height, the entire store can look flat under the glow of fluorescent lights. Hanging paper decorations can break up the aesthetic of the shop, maintaining visual interest at several heights. It's a small consideration, but it can make a big difference.

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