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New Year’s resolutions for retailers

New Year’s resolutions for retailers

A New Year is a chance for a fresh start. With 2013 just around the corner, retailers may want to think of penning a few resolutions that will benefit their store in the coming year. Here are a few ideas to add to your list:

I promise to keep a clean store
They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and this couldn’t be truer for retailers. A messy or dirty store will be a big turnoff for customers, and could end up losing you some major business. If you plan on “starting over” in 2013, then begin by giving your shop a good cleaning. You can get employees on board by offering overtime if they stay late and help clean. Alternatively, if you shut down your store for inventory, have a few employees work on sweeping your floors and dusting your gondola shelves while everyone else is busy counting.

I will get rid of old store fixtures
Even if your store is spic and span, outdated or damaged store fixtures could be bad for business. This year, make sure you include some space in your budget for new hangers, wall racks and other items that will bring your shop up to date. You can save money by purchasing mannequins for sale or wholesale shopping bags online.

I vow to create a new look for my storefront
If your storefront has looked the same for the past few years, 2013 may be the time to make a change. You can add a fresh coat of paint or simply come up with a few new ideas for window displays. Think about tapping your employees for help. Invite them to think of a few themes of their own, and then allow them to arrange your adult and child mannequins or display tables in the window.

I promise to retrain my employees when necessary
You probably are used to training your new employees, but even the veterans on your staff could likely use some refreshers on store policies. Continuing education within the workplace is valuable for employees who are on a retail career track, so they’ll likely appreciate any extra lessons you can teach them.

I will dive into the social media scene
If you haven’t already, then this year is the year to get into social media. Modern customers expect their favorite shops to have Twitter and Facebook accounts, so don’t let your customers down.