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New, fun ways to display your swimsuits for the remainder of summer

New, fun ways to display your swimsuits for the remainder of summer

The pinnacle of summer is finally here, bathing the beaches in its glory, and many of your shoppers are scrambling to get there before fall brings with it cold weather. Some of them might be looking to get a new swimsuit for the prime beach season, so you need to get your store displays ready to present the summer trends and show customers that your shop has what they need for their days off this year.

Bring all of your display fixtures up to the front of your store to showcase the bathing suits in your inventory and lure in anyone walking by outside with the impressive arrangement of your models adorned in your array of diverse swimsuits.

Recreating the coasts on your shores
Instead of just displaying your selection on boring store racks, captivate passersby with scenes of the beach and mannequins that model your swimwear in action. Using your imagination, you can recreate snapshots of the place customers want to be while also demonstrating all the clothing and accessories you have that can help them enjoy their time there.

Whether you use simple mannequins set up in action positions and fully decorated or jersey form to show only what is needed, you can employ a range of tactics to target a variety of styles and demographics. Each method has its advantages, but there’s no reason why you can’t combine them to form an all-encompassing display to finish the high point of summer off with a visual spectacle.

Mannequins can be used for the more traditional bathing suits or pieces that focus more on subtlety than flash. This way, you have the key component to decorate the rest of the model around using its colors and styles as a jumping off point for employee creativity and unique item combinations that a shopper might want to replicate. Position larger selections of the products on display all around the mannequins for the customers’ ease.

If you have some popular summer trends that you want to emphasize, jersey forms are the fixture to use. They keep the attention on only the item you want accentuated and allow shoppers a moment to contemplate it in its entirety. The female forms help women see how they would fit in some of the more exotic options, and with a skin coloring it’s easy to visualize the swimsuit on anyone.

Jersey forms are ideal for larger displays where you want a select few choices to stand out above the rest while still having them be incorporated into the larger theme.

What to do with the rest
Every item you have can’t be shown on a mannequin or jersey form, but you can still keep them close by on store racks and display tables situated around the displays. You can fold them neatly or have models wear them, but you’ll need some hangers meant for holding straps and multiple pieces for the options that will go on the racks.

It’s important to keep your selection near the displays and easy to see so shoppers won’t have to go looking for anything. If they do, then there’s a better chance they’ll forget the smaller accessories they might have been considering. Use whatever equipment you need to so nothing gets tangled or dropped and your items will be kept in good condition no matter how many people look through them.

Do whatever it takes to prepare your store displays for the last big rush for some of your key summer products. Take this chance to move as much inventory as possible to clear the way for everything that is to come after the season ends.