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Move it and lose it: Use rolling racks to sell merchandise

Move it and lose it: Use rolling racks to sell merchandise

There comes a time when many store operators have to make a decision between setting up top-notch store displays or maximizing the amount of space they have to showcase products. Fortunately, there are a few resources that can come in handy when you’re faced with this kind of choice. One of the most popular options is rolling racks, which can help you make the most of your available space while also displaying products.

Save space
A big benefit of rolling racks is that you can conserve space while still having great displays. These racks give you the ability to store more clothing than most shelving units or table displays and are great for mobility. With the added advantage of having wheels on the bottom, the racks can be moved to a backroom for inventory or storage purposes or kept on the floor for promotions.

Show off products
Another advantage of this display tool is they allow you to showcase clothing in a way that compliments the outfit. Hanging items instead of folding them highlights patterns or unique qualities that some customers may appreciate, as well as giving shoppers a better idea of how a product will fit. If you have a lot of items in varying sizes or colors, rolling racks are also helpful, as they provide an easy way of organizing merchandise.

When you purchase mannequins for sale and outfit them in a trendy ensemble, it can help to have a rolling rack stocked with those pieces nearby. Shoppers will then be able to examine clothing from a mannequin up close while also looking at alternate colors or similar styles that may work for them.

Rearrange a store
An underrated aspect of rolling racks is that they provide you with freedom and flexibility needed to revamp a floor. Even if you have had a store set up in certain manner for a long period of time, you can quickly and easily move things around without a lot of effort. When you think your store needs a facelift, simply rearranging rolling racks could do the trick.

Rolling racks provide a lot of advantages for a store, and purchasing one with unique designs or accents can give the display a few special touches that go a long way in creating a store’s personality.