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Most effective places to display gift wrap

Most effective places to display gift wrap

Holiday paper and wrapping supplies are essential tools for package preparation, and a smart idea for any store to consider. Many stores, however, make the mistake of hiding gift resources and accessories in an area of the store where they’re less likely to be noticed by customers. Try one of these tricks to incorporate paper and into your store displays and draw guests’ attention to the wrapping supplies you’ve provided for them:

Place gift resources front and center
Let customers know exactly what is available as soon as they step foot through the door. Select a collection of display tables in rustic wood or sleek metal, and utilize the pieces’ varying heights and surface areas to accentuate different items. For example, a larger table could feature a dispenser that highlights some of the top wrapping paper options, while accents like wholesale ribbon are placed on a smaller surface nearby.

High-efficiency store fixtures can also be paired with items that show off fewer products to maximize space. Try matching a dump bin holding a large number of gift tags or bows with a sample package wrapped in a favorite gift paper.

Incorporate wrapping materials into displays
One of the most effective ways to show off the versatility of packaging supplies is to illustrate exactly how they can be used by incorporating them into themed displays. Try putting together a holiday scene that features lifelike situations, utilizing mannequins for a personal touch. For example, pose figures in different stances around a Christmas tree with artfully wrapped boxes, bags and containers laid beneath. Add accents like bows on hot-selling items, and let holiday tags serve a dual purpose by using them to advertise discounts and deals.

Let your gift experts do the talking
If you’re planning to set up a wrapping center at your shop this season, make sure customers know that your packaging team is there to help. Assistants at the station should be knowledgeable about the various wrapping supplies available in your store and be able to offer thoughtful advice for utilizing them to create appealing and polished gifts. Increase convenience by locating your gift experts near the packaging resources and draw attention to the area with a banner, sign or even a string of decorative lights.