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Mobile optimization for your brick-and-mortar retail store

Mobile optimization for your brick-and-mortar retail store


When you hear the term “mobile optimization” you probably picture someone working from a coffee shop or in a high-tech office. But, just as you can customize a web experience for a user on a mobile device, you can also adjust your brick-and-mortar store to better serve your tech-saavy shoppers. Doing so could make your establishment stand out from the competition and lead to a better customer experience overall.

Here’s how you can make your store mobile friendly:

Mobile at the cash register
Using a debit or credit card to make a retail purchase is commonplace and with chip-and-pin cards, the cashier doesn’t have to do much to complete the transaction. However, these relatively new advancements in payment methods may soon be obsolete as smartphones continue to take over. noted that many retailers have already installed pay-by-phone options in their stores. All customers need to do is scan their phone quickly and confirm the purchase. The more payment options you can offer shoppers, the easier it will be for them to make a purchasing decision, because their money may be located in a number of different accounts.

Augmented Reality
One of the more interesting promises of mobile technology is augmented reality. By using a phone, shoppers can have a retail experience like never before. For example, you could place a QR code next to each item in your store so that, when scanned, a complete description is brought up on the user’s phone. You could even offer extended purchasing options for sizes or colors that you just don’t have the shelving space for on site.

To see an example of AR in action, try out our app, which lets you scan items and download relevant materials and assembly videos.

Mobile offers
If you develop your own app, the possibilities for improving customer experience are endless. For example, your app can pair your app with a beacon to activate when a user walks into your shop. Upon stepping through the front door, they’ll receive a welcome notification. At this point, you can inform them of any offers or coupons that are exclusive to people who have downloaded the app. Go Digital Marketing explained that a mobile retail strategy can build a sense of community. By welcoming each and every guest to your store, you’ll build familiarity and loyalty.

The ubiquity of the smartphone is here to stay. Use it to your advantage and you’ll soon find many ways to increase consumer engagement and build a community around your brand.