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Mixing and matching earring cards around your store

Mixing and matching earring cards around your store

Sometimes it can be difficult to bring attention to the smaller accessories in your store, especially with prominent store displays drawing shoppers’ gazes. Though earrings and other jewelry can dazzle customers, every now and then they need a little extra something to help bring them to the forefront. This can be done by the way you present them or by properly pairing them with other complementing items.

Jewelry and accessories are always in demand, but with so many fun colors and events happening the summer, it’s important to get a leg up on the competition. Get your display tables ready for your smaller inventory so shoppers can know what your shop has to offer.

Catch the eye with earring cards
While jewelry displays are great for emphasizing particular items, if you have a lot of earrings in stock, they might not cut it for showcasing your selection. An easy way to give all of your earrings the space they deserve is to put them on earring cards. With such a wide array to choose from, every piece of the jewelry can have its own unique backdrop. The different colors, pictures and styles can accentuate each pair of earrings in its own way.

Captivating scenes of nature can play off of the budding season outside or exotic cheetah print might be a fierce contrast against some of your sparkling pieces. Depending on the way you display your earrings, the cards could even go with the overall theme of your store with the trays they sit in or the shelves they hang from.

When setting up your earrings, you can either match the cards with one another or mix it up with the large variety of options available. Matching them would be more at place for smaller displays, but if you just want to spread them out on a table for shoppers to see, the diversity will intrigue passing customers and reel them in to check out each one.

A gift meant to be
There are many opportunities for gift giving in the spring and summer with graduations, birthdays and holidays scattered the months. Not only is this a good chance to show your gift packaging, such as wrapping and tissue paper, but by positioning them near matching earring cards, the present could seem like it was meant to be.

If the packaging and card suits one another, it saves the shopper the work of having to find wrapping that goes with everything. The recipient of the gift will notice the effort that went into the coordination as well.

By placing similar patterns together, you can encourage more grouped purchases, much like accessories do with clothes. Get your jewelry ready for shoppers by giving them an aesthetic twist or a splash of color. Anything that can get customers to notice the smaller products in your store. Do the work for them with already assembled gift ideas, providing everything they need to transform your products into a special memory for someone.