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Mixing and matching collection sets

Mixing and matching collection sets

No one has to stick with one collection or style for their shop at a time. In fact, mixing and matching sets is a smart way to deliver on your own creativity as well as truly making your shop and store displays into something that’s unlike any other.

Combining collections allows you to take the best from each set and make an assortment to enhance your store’s own theme. When you’re not restricted to one series, there’s no rule book telling you what to do. You can decide which aspects of each array highlight the features of your building you want to bring out most.

We offer three different sets, all compatible for a hybrid design, that you can use with your store fixtures and display tables: the Hanson, the Vintage Boutique and the Raw Steel collections.

The Hanson Collection‘s reclaimed image has a sturdy yet stylish design that brings out an older look resurfacing in today’s world of designs.

If you want to combine it with a charming style reminiscent of days past, look toward options like the Vintage Boutique Collection. With its toned pewter finish and decorative swirls and footings, there’s many different pieces, from shoe stands to hat racks, at your disposal.

Small pieces from this set can enhance streamlined center displays with more provocative impressions like the Raw Steel Collection. Raw Steel promotes a rich graphite quality with custom burnished streaks and appealing naturally darkened soldered joints.

All of these designs infuse a sense of timelessness, showing that the old can work with the new. It’s up to you which direction you want your business to take, but don’t be held to singular collections. Draw people in with more modern elements and then bring it together with accentuating smaller antiquated pieces or vice versa. Take advantage of all there is to offer and use it to create that which no one else can.