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Mix & match neck blocks to emphasize your summer theme

Mix & match neck blocks to emphasize your summer theme

Summertime is all about the color and life filling the air outside. When customers come in to your store, recreate all of the energy they feel from being outside in the nice weather. Besides your elaborate store displays, don’t forget to include the smaller aspects of your shop in the theme.

Some simple display fixtures may be all you need to add a little extra flare to some of the corners in your building. Customers will notice your accents as they browse down your aisles, being constantly reminded of the season they need to shop for.

Any jersey forms you have are perfect for showcasing summer dresses and other outfits of the season, but these displays can be enhanced with some bright colors to help catch shoppers’ attention.

A variety of neck blocks in all different shapes, styles and colors can provide a dynamic layer to your displays. The bright shades can reflect the summer sun and help accentuate the products being demonstrated. The more jersey forms you have, the better because you can change up the combinations in your store as frequently as you want. This ensures that your visuals are always different, no matter what day a customer comes in.

Instead of playing off of a summer theme, you can pair the neck blocks with the outfits on the forms, matching colors to leave a stronger impression on anyone who looks at it. The empty space where the head of a form would go can be put to use with colored blocks potentially inspiring shoppers to search for accessories or make up that might match the outfit like the fixture does.

Rather than settling for your models as they are, work to improve them and all the other displays in your store so you have a multi-layered theme presenting the best seasonal trends your shop has to offer.