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Mix and match summer swimsuit styles for a unique look

Mix and match summer swimsuit styles for a unique look

Trendsetters know that the world of fashion never rests. Whether these fashionistas are pulling on pajamas or shedding layers en route to the beach, they are always striving to put their best foot forward and stay on top of current trends. Despite these efforts, they still like to make sure their beach outfits convey their personality, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to customize their own suits.

Many beachgoers like to create their own looks by mixing and matching two-piece bathing suits. Not only can this help them convey their own personal style, but it also allows them to make the most of their purchases by pairing different suits together for a unique creation. Having the ability to mix and match may increase the chance that a customer chooses to buy a bikini from a clothing store, so it’s important to emphasize the different styles in a retail space.

By using hanging forms to highlight your store’s bathing suit selection, you can show shoppers all of the hot styles you have on hand. Some of these trendy swimsuits are perfectly suited for mixing and matching. You can make it easier for shoppers to find these pieces by filling your store displays with some of these options.

Neon colors
One of the hottest trends of the summer, both on the beach and off, is the presence of neon colors. Whether they are solid neon options or bikinis with a few bright accents, these hip styles are ideal for mixing. Shoppers can pair together their favorite colors for a look that is all their own.

You should be sure your neon bathing suits are front and center in a display, and this is easily done with the help of hanging forms and mannequins. You can even mix and match styles within the display to show customers how it’s done.

Vintage looks
While neon hues may have a more futuristic feel, a few other popular styles on the beach this summer have a classic look. High-waisted bottoms can pair perfectly with more subdued bandeau tops, while 1950s-inspired halter tops can be great in a vibrant neon shade. Any of these pieces can stand out without being overwhelming when they are mixed with neutral-colored garments, and you can show shoppers how to do that with well-dressed hanging forms.

Mix prints
Shoppers may have certain styles that they feel best in, but that doesn’t mean they can’t jump right in to the mix-and-match trend. There are several patterns and prints that are making their mark on coastlines everywhere, so providing these options for shoppers can go a long way toward satisfying customers. Stripes and polka dots mix well together, while more adventurous customers may want to blend classic stripes with a bold Hawaiian print for a fun look.