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Mix and match display tables for a unique style

Mix and match display tables for a unique style

When creating a style for a shop or boutique, many people are concerned about maintaining their brand and keeping everything cohesive. However, sometimes mixing and matching is a good thing.

When you choose tables in different styles, it adds variation to your store displays. While some might be concerned about clashing of styles, mixing wooden tables with iron shelves might offer the store a more unique style that attracts customers more than a generic, cookie-cutter layout.

Depending on the style of your store and merchandise, mixing and matching tables and other store fixtures could actually promote your brand even more. Stores that sell antiques or vintage-style clothes and other items may find that a variety of different style fixtures can create a one-of-a-kind, "found" look to the store. In addition to blending a number of styles, consider mixing different materials in with your store's decor. For instance, old wooden fruit boxes could make an attractive shelf when stacked on top of each other, and a mirror could make an eye-catching table when rested atop a stool.