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Maximizing your store space with rolling racks and other store fixtures

Maximizing your store space with rolling racks and other store fixtures

With so many hot styles and trends present this summer, it can be difficult to decide what to display in your store. When you embrace certain store fixtures, however, you need not decide between multiple products or designs. Instead, you can neatly fit all merchandise into your space – all you’ll need is a few key accessories to help make the most of your retail floor.

Rolling racks
Rolling racks are among the most effective tools for conserving retail space. Not only do they allow you to quickly and easily change the configuration of your floor should the need arise, but they also provide a means to hang up many individual pieces in a small, confined space. These racks are perfect for displaying many different sizes or colors within a certain style, and they are ideal for stores that want to encourage customers to casually browse through options without sacrificing open space.

Display shelves
One of the easiest ways to maximize a space is to build up instead of out. By taking advantage of wall space and high ceilings, you can showcase more objects without using up all of your available space, and display shelves are the perfect tool for just that. Adding a few unique touches to these displays – whether they are accessories or pops of a complementary color – is also a great way to make the shelving unit fit in with the rest of your retail space.

Shelving can be a great space-saver, but there are ways to go beyond the typical shelves some stores may put out. For example, you can use mannequins or hanging forms to show off the pieces that you have folded and stacked on shelves. This will allow shoppers to see the garment up close and understand how it will fit the body – making it easy for them to simply find their size and chosen color in a nearby pile of neatly folded clothes.

Ladder clothing racks
Ladder clothing racks offer many of the same advantages as traditional rolling racks, but with a few added bonuses. For one, they act similar to shelving units by focusing on displaying more merchandise vertically rather than horizontally. You can use this additional space without having to fold or stack objects, as many of the options for ladder clothing racks boast enough room to show clothing on hangers – sometimes even in multiple levels. Any other space can be used to show off accessories that work with the garments you’re trying to move, allowing you to showcase entire outfits and comprehensive fashion ideas without overpowering the display with too many mannequins.