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Maximizing wall space in your retail store

Maximizing wall space in your retail store

When retailers think of using space efficiently, store fixtures like display cases, tables and racks frequently come to mind. Although focusing on floor space certainly has its merits, it’s important not to forget about other surfaces. Wall space in particular is an untapped resource for many retailers. If you’re not currently optimizing vertical areas in your store, take advantage of these display fixture options to boost efficiency and offer patrons a more comprehensive look.

You’ve hopefully taken the opportunity to read up about the various shelving options that can enhance your store and maximize space. While standing options are typically used mid-floor, taller vertical pieces can be located along walls to stylishly show off merchandise in a high-capacity single unit, which are visually appealing and simple to install. Three-sided units are similarly useful for making the most of corners. Don’t forget that you can also create your own shelving units by stacking acrylic cubes, which are highly versatile and easy to customize to your theme.

If you’re up for a bit more of an installation, try out wall-mounted shelves. Using this simple guide, you’ll be able to efficiently add standard shelves into your space that are sturdy enough for any of your display needs. The fixtures provide a great visual as customers walk into your store, drawing their eyes to all areas of your space. Shelving options come in a wide range of styles and colors that can be incorporated into any shop. For instance, boutique items incorporate whimsical details onto your design for additional appeal.

Efficiently utilizing walls doesn’t necessarily mean covering every inch with merchandise. In addition to having products available, you also want to advertise specific items. Accomplishing this requires fixtures that emphasize fewer pieces, and hooks can be your perfect option. Try pairing hangers with hooks to draw attention to a great jacket or even an entire ensemble. You can also hang up torso forms for a similar effect.

Like shelves, hooks come in a variety of materials that can be incorporated into your store theme. Check out one of the collection sets, such as the Hanson, Raw Steel or Boutique display groups, for hooks and other corresponding fixtures that you may want to purchase for your space. Selecting items that match one another can help you build a design that is subtle and sophisticated, giving a real cohesion to the interior.

Naturally, merchandise isn’t the only thing customers will notice when they look around your shop. Walls can be efficiently utilized to offer directions to shoppers, which is particularly effective in larger spaces. Whereas standing signs can get in the way and take up valuable floor room, poster-style alternatives that are hung on walls hardly take up any space at all. These fixtures can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, posters and banners are a great way to advertise sale or discount sections and highlight specific savings. Utilizing brightly colored signs can particularly draw customers’ attention to the information you want them to notice most.

Although utility may be your top priority when designing walls, you can also add finishing touches to your store’s theme with the space. This might include using paint in shades that complement your existing fixtures or adding custom lighting options that are softer than overhead fluorescent bulbs. Using shelves and acrylic cubes, you can also create surfaces for miniature displays to show off a few special items or new arrivals.