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Maximize small spaces with high-volume and vertical store fixtures

Maximize small spaces with high-volume and vertical store fixtures

Do you have a lot to offer customers, but a small amount of room available in your shop? Business owners who are working with limited floor space can maximize efficiency in their stores by utilizing high-volume display fixtures and taking advantage of all available areas.

Make the most of small spaces
Sometimes, less can be more. Working with limited space doesn’t have to mean putting boundaries on your ability to offer customers a wide range of options. Look for store fixtures that work to your advantage by filling empty space and creating a clean, compact visual. Instead of circular pieces, look for items like square or rectangular vertical display cases or cubes, which can be creatively paired and stacked to give structure to your store without compromising appearance. Depending on the mood of your shop, you may want to select fixtures in natural wood or go for a more playful approach with colorful items.

Get creative with wall space
If floor space in your shop is limited, walls can be your best friend. Take advantage of shelving units as well as hooks and racks as versatile options for creating vertical displays. You may choose a unified look, selecting similar fixtures and hanging them at equal heights, or go for a more artistic appeal by mixing and matching heights and designs. For example, clothing retailers may consider utilizing a hanging form in lieu of a mannequin, displaying outfits on hangers and organizing the distinct pieces on shelving units beneath. Similarly, book, magazine or newspaper sellers may implement a flat vertical literature rack paired with a small display table or stand featuring a single item. Breaking up a set of high-capacity units with fixtures that highlight fewer items can create a visual balance while still allowing you to get a lot into tight spaces.

Maintain personal style with details
You may be concerned about how to maintain a sense of individuality in your shop when space for decorations or custom display fixtures is limited. When looking for organizational items, try to stick with high-efficiency pieces that still mirror your overall theme. Designing from a custom collection can help give a unified look to your shop without compromising utility. For instance, try pairing steel shelving brackets with accented vertical fixtures, like a wooden wall plaque with metal hooks. Such items still maximize space usage while creative a cohesive visual.