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Matching your mannequins

Matching your mannequins

Nearly all clothing stores use mannequins to showcase their garments. If you recently received new mannequins and are wondering how to use them, there are a few guidelines to follow.

Firstly, all mannequin displays – whether you are using a female, male or child mannequin – should have some sort of cohesive theme. If you have a certain line of clothing to show off, group mannequins together dressed solely in that line. You could do the same thing with denim, or choose a particular color or theme of clothing. This is to avoid a confusing and unattractive display that might be created if you paired one mannequin in spa wear with another in hiking gear.

It is also a good idea to group merchandise the mannequin is wearing near it. For example, if you dress a mannequin in the latest trends for fall, make sure you situate it next to a table that has a display of these clothes and accessories so a shopper could easily recreate the look. You could do the same thing with clothes racks – arrange them just behind or next to the mannequin to make it easy for shoppers to find a similar outfit in their size.

Never be afraid to add other props to a mannequin display. Lining up well-outfitted mannequins is certainly an effective way to display merchandise, but adding complementary accessories and props can make the display even more effective.