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Match your display fixtures for a cohesive look

Match your display fixtures for a cohesive look

While shabby chic is a popular decor style these days, there’s never anything wrong with standing by a classic design.

Well-made wood furniture is always in style and can give your store a sophisticated feel. Although there are many shades of wood based on the tree it came from and the stain that was used to finish the piece, light colors may help your store appear brighter. If you can incorporate at least three separate items made from the same material into various displays around your retail floor, you will carry that sense of cohesion to different areas of the space.

Your display fixtures should be stocked with neatly organized merchandise, but with careful consideration regarding which products receive the most attention. A USO Maple Showcase fixture is excellent for expensive or delicate items that you want to highlight, while a USO Maple Display Table may have a wider range of uses. Display tables work well whether you want them to hold a bunch of inventory or use your retail design skills to create an interesting display. To tie the theme together, add a Maple Register Stand, which will compliment the display fixtures perfectly.