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Master the art of mood lighting

Master the art of mood lighting

Mood lighting can be hit or miss in a retail setting because its effectiveness is industry-dependent. There are some stores that absolutely require bright lights to make sales, especially those where customers want to really investigate the merchandise before making a purchase.

However, boutiques and other specialty stores can differentiate themselves by cultivating a romantic or mysterious environment.

Why atmosphere matters
In an economy that increasingly favors online shopping, the environment and experience of brick-and-mortar retail stores are essential aspects that keep physical locations profitable. If customers can buy the same products without traveling or interacting with people, you need to give them a reason to drop by the store. explained that low, moody lighting is more relaxing and inviting than bright lights. With the right combination of light fixtures, ambient smells and background music, you can make a visit to your retail location into a delightful errand for patrons.

David Sedaris, a renowned comedic author, wrote an article about the merits of mood lighting for Harper’s Bazaar. Sedaris explained that the overhead lights in his house wash out the antique and cultured vibe that he strived for when choosing the decor. This can be equally true for stores that are meant to feel homey and comforting. With too much light, they may seem more sterile and professional than cozy and familiar.

How to get moody
You can bring the lighting level in your store down a few notches in a handful of ways.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to do so is with Rose Leaf Lights, whether you prefer red or natural light, or even a mixture of the two varieties. Simply turn on fewer overhead lights or remove certain bulbs to dim the main lighting and hang the light strands around the store in an attractive way. Keep in mind which products are being highlighted when redesigning the lighting for your business. You don’t want to leave any area so dark that it’s difficult for customers to shop the merchandise.

If you have lamps in your store instead of overhead lighting, you can tone them down by draping scarves over the shades. This will make the lamps cast a tinted, dimmed hue that’s more relaxing. However, leaving fabric that close to a light bulb for an extended period of time can become a fire hazard, so it’s important to only use this tactic with lamp shades that are significantly taller than the bulb to provide a heat buffer zone.

Finally, consider the addition of candles to your retail space. They have a romantic and comforting feel, plus an endless variety of scents to improve the atmosphere of your store. Candles should be strategically placed so they aren’t in danger of starting a fire. Don’t leave them burning when no one is around, keep the space around them on display tables clear and check the wicks multiple times throughout the business day. Even one candle near the cash register can change the store’s mood.