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Marketing your store to graduation guests

Marketing your store to graduation guests

Graduation season is a great time for friends and family to get together to celebrate the students in their lives. As these eventful few months are in full swing, it’s important that people who are planning to attend a graduation in the near future are dressed for the part.

Apparel stores need to be on high alert for these shoppers, as many people will certainly be hitting the shops to look for the perfect graduation outfit. Store managers and salespeople need to be aware of these customers, so it’s crucial that they buy some mannequins for sale and dress them in the best spring attire.

For women going to a graduation ceremony, it’s important to remember it’s a formal event. Skirts, dresses and blazers are great go-to outfit ideas, and store managers will want to make sure these ensembles are right in the front, so passersby can take a gander at some of the outfits. Additionally, people who are worried about the weather during an outdoor ceremony will be looking for layered looks, so it’s important to show off pieces that can easily be paired together.

It can be difficult for men who are attending outdoor graduation ceremonies, as they frequently get too hot in their ensembles. This is why store managers want to think about lightweight fabrics when it comes to dressing men. Be sure to put cotton and linen dress shirts on display, as these breathable fabrics will make sitting through a long ceremony a lot more bearable. Additionally, offering suits of lighter tones is another great way to get people excited for not only graduation season, but also summer.

Kids who attend graduations need to feel comfortable, as these ceremonies typically last for hours. If you have any formal clothes that are made with anti-wrinkle material, this is the best event to showcase them. As children will most likely be fidgeting during the ceremony, you want to make sure you offer clothes that won’t give off the appearance of wrinkles – no matter how much roughhousing there is before the event.

Whoever you’re dressing, keeping up with both the colors and fabrics of the season will make it that much easier for customers to shop, as you’ll have everything they’re looking for.