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Mark your departments clearly with new fixtures and signage

Mark your departments clearly with new fixtures and signage

When your building fills up with shoppers, it can be hard for customers to know where to find items. You’ll need to ensure the people in your store know where to go, especially if there are any special sales or promotions going on. Instead, you can count on some store signs to lead the way and guide shoppers where they need to go.

Your store displays do the job of selling your inventory and it’s your signs duty to steer them to your products. Signs don’t have to just adorn your walls either. You can set them up throughout your store so that no matter where customers are, they’ll be able to find what they’re searching for.

The right way to present your signs
Whether it’s on your counter or in the middle of an aisle, sign holders can present your message or mark your departments in an aesthetically pleasing way. There are a variety of styles and designs that can be incorporated into any store theme. These display fixtures signal authority as an official statement on behalf of your storefront.

The different shapes and stands make sign holders very adaptable to suit any store’s needs. They can be set up on top of store racks or near registers for people checking out, but wherever they are, they’ll draw the gaze of your shoppers.

Change up the message
Sign holders don’t have to just hold directions and notifications in a store. You can put promotional posters in them to fill your floor with reminders in a frenzy of colors and exclamations.

For the smaller areas of your shop , tiny acrylic card holders can hold small price discounts or customized sale signs to bring your messages to individuals, forming a more personal connection with your patrons.

You can also use your holders for special events such as scavenger hunts, where shoppers have to move around your store, reading clues on your signs. Even if you don’t have any promotions running, you can still use the holders throughout you design. Displaying messages that do nothing but express the goals and purpose of your store can help inspire customer loyalty and maybe even encourage repeat business. Have some fun with the empty space and leave interesting facts on a product or design near your showcases.