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Mannequins play an important role in holiday displays

Mannequins play an important role in holiday displays

Mannequins made a comeback in 2012 as the visual merchandising display fixture of choice. That means that as the holiday season approaches, merchandisers everywhere will likely be incorporating mannequins in their window displays. You might not have a Santa mannequin, but there are plenty of ways to use these figures to invigorate your window display this season.

Last year, Macy’s used a child mannequin to give an otherwise technical, robotic window display a sense of innocence and wonder so closely associated with the holiday season. No doubt other stores will follow suit this year. Whether or not your store sells children’s clothes, adding mannequins to your display can remind shoppers of the joy of the holidays.

Remember dynamics when using mannequins in your holiday displays. As stunning as your clothing may be, it won’t really stand out on mannequins that are stationary. Set up a holiday scene with your mannequins to draw in the eye – whether they are mingling in a cocktail party scene or gathered around a Christmas tree, there are many dynamic ways to help your customers connect with the display and draw them into your store.