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Mannequins for all clothing types increase a store’s flexibility

Mannequins for all clothing types increase a store’s flexibility

The end of the spring season brings a diversity of outfits that isn’t matched by any other time of year. Warming temperatures are urging people to leave their homes and get outside for all the activities that await. Bathing suits for the beach, shoes for hiking and all types of loose and light clothing will dominate your store displays, so it’s important each and every article is showcased with the right store fixtures.

Mannequins are excellent models for a shop’s inventory and can exhibit different kinds of clothing. Depending on what needs to be presented, there’s a mannequin out there to fit your store’s specific needs.

Full models to show off complete outfits
For the accessory combinations that fit very well with particular pieces of clothing, full-body mannequins make it possible to show off entire outfits. These models are essentially puppets to be dressed however you like to demonstrate unique selections that normally wouldn’t go together. With many different positions and stances, mannequins can be used to advertise outfits for many of the activities people will be engaging in this season.

There are models of varying body types as well that help can feature a wider selection of your clothes for many different people, better enabling customers to envision what the products will look like on them. It’s key to expand the diversity of your mannequins to make sure that none of them look the same. After all, no two shoppers are identical and many will want to see what apparel will appear like on a model that’s the closest match to themselves.

Child mannequins may prove to be very useful this spring before summer break begins and youngsters are released from school. Parents will be scrambling to find new clothes for kids to play outside in and models scaled down to children’s size could make the ordeal easier. There’s no easier way to display these small items of clothing than on fixtures designed specifically for them.

Forms to do the trick
If a store has many items to display, but not quite enough space to hold a mannequin for each outfit, mannequin and jersey forms provide a space efficient alternative. By cutting down on the size of the models to only the bare minimum, shops are free to set up displays how they want without sacrificing the device for showcasing the products.

It doesn’t matter if the form is for a top or some pants, these different types of mannequins provide your business with a range of adaptability that could serve your inventory or display themes. Forms often come with hangers attached to them, enabling you to hang them to free up even more areas in the storefront while still properly exhibiting the clothing.

These types of feats cannot be done with full-body mannequins alone and give you an edge against competitors with a collection of similar models. Without a diversity in the models presenting your clothes, stores run the risk of isolating potential buyers and harming overall business.