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Making your Fourth of July visuals stand out

Making your Fourth of July visuals stand out

As the Fourth of July approaches, consumers are on the lookout for all things red, white and blue. It's truly irrelevant whether your store sells items that could be used on the Fourth of July – you can take advantage of this holiday to draw people in and make a lasting impression on them once they leave.

The Fourth of July is a great theme to use in window displays, since red, white and blue are such eye-catching colors in the first place. Color-blocking with these shades is a good way to draw the consumer's eye, but you also want to stand out among the other stores capitalizing on the same idea.

Choose another aspect of Independence Day that fits with your store's theme – perhaps you want to create a sparkly fireworks themed display for your jewelry store, or make a Fourth of July barbecue theme for your food or clothing store. Appealing to your consumer's lifestyle is key – it helps them relate the product you are selling with something they might need or enjoy during these festivities.