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Making the most of your mannequins

Making the most of your mannequins

Mannequins are widely considered to be one of the best props to sell clothing and other garments. In 2011, Macy’s seemed to back up this belief by increasing its cadre of these human model display tools. John Bellante, the store’s senior vice president of visual merchandising presentation, told VMSD that mannequins have an enormous impact on shoppers.

“They are truly the silent selling assistant,” Bellante told the news outlet. “To promote the season’s must-haves or to celebrate a merchandise exclusive, a product launch or a hot item – and to build our iconic style.”

Shoppers may see more adult and child mannequin displays in Macy’s stores across the nation, setting a precedent for what they may expect in smaller stores. You can follow in Macy’s expert footsteps by exploring the many options of mannequins for sale. Whether you sell clothes, jewelry or even wigs, human forms can make your products more relatable to the consumer.

Take the opportunity to display fun new wigs and jewelry together on hair mannequins at a fashion boutique, or arrange a set of realistic-looking mannequins in a summery scene to help your customers see how your garments could be worn during some of their favorite pastimes.