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Make your store’s mannequins stand out

Make your store’s mannequins stand out

Mannequins are a key part of store displays as these life-size figurines help showcase a shop’s merchandise and invite consumers in. Mannequins are an important factor in a retail store’s visual strategy, and in recent years their effects have proven positive with modern updates.

A trend within the store marketing industry right now is mixing high fashion and realistic mannequins in with abstract mannequin forms. This offers consumers a visual explosion of real life and fantasy that can help a shop stand out from other similar spaces. You can create this look in your store by adding in surprising touches. For example, put a unique or fashion forward ensemble on the mannequin form and cover the realistic mannequin in your store’s hottest accessories to create drama.

Other key strategies when it comes to mannequins is switching their outfits quite often and placing them in unique positions. Constantly updating and reinventing the looks in your store using your mannequins offers shoppers a fresh feel. Keeping mannequins in the same clothes for prolonged periods can cause your store to seem stale.