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Make your store windows shine using mannequins

Make your store windows shine using mannequins

Store window displays are a crucial part of marketing what a shop has to offer. Because of this, owners need to utilize the space to create an inviting and modern display that will entice shoppers to come in. Using mannequins to push a certain theme is a great option as they help humanize the windows and show people how clothes, accessories and even shoes could look on themselves.

Mannequins have come a long way since their humble beginnings and now many are made to seem more human-like, allowing customers to identify with them more so than in the past. A great way to use your mannequins is to create a beach theme or even a fourth of July theme for the upcoming holiday.

To achieve the latter, it may be a great idea to first put adult and child mannequins in your store’s top selling summer attire – including baseball caps and sunglasses. Next, get some red, white and blue wholesale ribbon to decorate the back wall in a festive American pattern. Use a display table and cover it in fabric to make it seem like a picnic table. Finally, place the mannequins in the scene and add in a grill or a few backyard games to represent a fun family day in honor of the upcoming holiday.