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Make your store represent what you sell

Make your store represent what you sell

Some business owners may assume that any old store display will do, but in fact, how stores represent the products they sell can affect whether or not a person comes to shop there again. If you run a lingerie store, you'd likely refrain from displaying fancy undergarments on a cold, hard table, and if you're the owner of a rock climbing store, you wouldn't want to display gear on pink linens. Finding a balance is key to having a successful store.

You may have inherited certain displays from a past owner and it may not be possible to buy all new store racks or tables at this time. However, you can make a few inexpensive changes to your current products that will go a long way in updating your store. A great and easy way to change the feel of your display tables is to use wholesale ribbon or colored tissue paper to cover the legs or even the top in colors that fit your store's dynamic.

For example, if you run a women's clothing store, you could cover the legs in a girly pink color and then add a layer of lace ribbon in a different hue to make the look more modern. Bringing in fresh flowers or adding bows to the end of your clothing racks can also improve the decor.