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Make your store fixtures match your shop’s personality

Make your store fixtures match your shop’s personality

When customers walk into your store, you want them to have a unique experience that they will remember later on. To achieve this, your shop needs to have a personality that is unlike other retailers in your area. One way to really drive home your store’s feel is by using appropriate store fixtures, so here are a few ideas on how to match your clothing racks, gondola shelves and display cases to your outlet’s character:

For funky shops
Second-hand clothing retailers, toy stores and interior design merchants are just some of the types of shops that may want to convey a funky vibe. The best way to bring this style into your store fixtures is with color – you’ll want lots of bright, eye-catching hues throughout your store. Clothing retailers can purchase hangers in pink, orange, red, blue, green or yellow – whatever goes best with the rest of the decor inside. You can also get creative with decorations. For example, why not curl up some wholesale ribbon and tape it up in various places around your store? You can also consider sticking fun decals on your mannequins to give them more personality.

For classy stores
If you cater to clients who are looking for a high-end shopping experience, you’ll want to take the opposite route and choose store fixtures that don’t bring in too much attention. Simple wood display tables, for instance, are always a good choice, while adult and child mannequins in simple white will help convey the right move. Lighting is everything – you should opt for spotlight-style fixtures that give your store a museum-like feel, or go for low lighting throughout.

For a spa atmosphere
Beauty product retailers will likely want to create a relaxing, Zen-like atmosphere for their shoppers. Traditionally, white and cream are the hues that go along best with this theme, so look for store fixtures and wholesale shopping bags in this color. Light-colored wood is also popular and goes along quite well with a store that is decked out in white. Music plays a big factor for this type of store – you want something calming that will fade into the background while also encouraging your clients to relax and embrace the calmness of your store.

Of course, there are many other styles of shops, so keep an eye out for future articles with even more ideas!