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Make your store displays shine for Mother’s Day

Make your store displays shine for Mother’s Day

Gift shops around the country are decking out their displays with Mother's Day themes, as this important holiday is a mere two weeks away. Husbands and children will be racing around the malls and local shops to try and find the best gifts for the most important women in their lives. With so many options and stores to consider, some businesses may be wondering, "How can I make my store displays stand out from the rest?"

In most instances, a great motto to remember is "less is more," as filling your display tables to the brim with gifts can appear cluttered and distracting to consumers. Instead, pick a few key items, such as a few bold pieces of jewelry to display. Items like these are eye catching on their own and may help customers realize your store has what they're looking for.

Another fun way to represent Mother's Day in your storefront is to create a picnic scene using gifts from your shop. Set up the vibe using an adult woman mannequin and a child mannequin. Add a festive spring feel by placing a tree or another spring symbol in the background and make the foreground come alive with a fun red and white checkerboard blanket on the ground. Spread out some of your shop's goodies and voila, it's a perfect outdoor scene your customers can relate to.