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Make your store a comfortable haven

Make your store a comfortable haven

There's a certain hectic element to shopping. Often, your customers have to fight crowds, wait in lines, sort through messy displays and find gifts under tight deadlines. You can edge out your competitors, however, if you make your shop a relaxing, serene environment. Here are some ways you can provide a safe haven from the chaos of shopping.

A neat space is a calm space
If your display tables and clothing racks are overflowing with items, it will likely leave your customers on edge. While you don't want your store to appear sparse, you should aim to keep your wall displays and the like clutter-free. If you notice employees or customers accidentally knocking items over, it probably means a display overstocked. You can also apply this rule to the general flow of your store – you should have wide, open pathways that are easy to navigate, even for those visiting your retail space for the first time. If there are too many adult and child mannequins in the way, push them to the sides to make room.

Monitor your music
If you play music in your store, you should carefully monitor it to make sure it contributes to the calmness of your space. You don't have to play ambient tunes, but you should stick to music that isn't too loud or "hardcore." You can play popular radio tunes, but remind your employees to switch stations if the sounds coming from your speakers get to be too intense.

Offer creature comforts
One way to really make your shop stand out is to offer special comforts to your shopper. This doesn't have to be a major investment – for example, just having a hot pot of coffee available for customers to sip as they browse your wares can go a long way. You can also offer gift wrap and other complimentary services to make your shoppers' lives that much simpler.

A unified attitude
Perhaps the most important way to make your customers feel relaxed is by treating them with warm, friendly and attentive customer service. If your employees are easily stressed out and show it while working, they will put your customers on edge. Instead, remind your staff how important it is to keep calm, even when things are hectic in the store, and to always give service with a smile.