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Make your rivals green with envy this St. Patrick’s Day

Make your rivals green with envy this St. Patrick’s Day

March brings a lot of events – the first day of spring, St. Patrick’s Day, the Ides of March and Easter – but you may be struggling with how to decorate your store for some of these celebrations. Although you may think that St. Patrick’s Day is reserved for party stores, you’d be wrong – there are plenty of ways you can get your store into the Irish spirit.

Retailers will really want to make St. Patrick’s Day a forefront of their store. After all, one tradition of the holiday is that anyone who is not wearing green gets pinched. Retail managers may want to have clever little reminders around the store about the importance of dressing in green.

When it comes to window displays, you want to show passersby you have the best products. Consider playing this up through the St. Patrick’s Day theme. For example, if you have T-shirts in all different colors, hang them in a rainbow display using wholesale ribbon. Have the shirts cascading down the window leading to a pot of gold.

You can also buy some mannequins for sale and dress them up like leprechauns. Using a matching green suit and a top hat, you’ll be able to easily dress the mannequin to your specification.

People may also be on the hunt for St. Patrick’s Day attire, so you’ll want to keep anything in a green hue on store fixtures at the front entrance. Or, if you happen to sell T-shirts with fun slogans, look and see if any match up with St. Patrick’s Day. This way, people who are just passing by may see that you have what they’re looking for and come inside.

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Take the St. Patrick’s Day theme to a new level with your wholesale shopping bags. Pick a green color and perhaps add some decorations like a shamrock or a pot of gold. Then, tie each purchase with wholesale ribbon in a matching green color. This presentation is certainly eye-catching and people will take notice of your festive spirit.

However you decide to decorate your store, your rivals will be green with envy that they didn’t think of the same ideas.