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Make Your Mannequins Stand Out

Make Your Mannequins Stand Out

Mannequins have been a staple in retail clothing stores for decades, which is why they can be both a blessing and a frustration for shop owners. While you can use them to help display outfits in a straightforward and effective way, they can sometimes feel a bit stale, especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve purchased mannequins for sale. Here are some tips to help spice up these characters.

Dress them up in something different
It’s always a good idea to have mannequins showcasing your hottest outfits, but that doesn’t mean every single one in your store has to be donning clothing. Wrapping mannequins in different materials can add a burst of color to your store and serve as additional decoration. For instance, use wholesale ribbon to cover a mannequin from head to two in the season’s hottest hues. You can also mix and match – for example, if you have a mannequin dressed in an adorable top, use tissue paper to create a fun and tutu-like skirt to go with it.

Buy a different type of mannequin
Who says all mannequins have to be plain old white? There are many different types of forms out there, and you should feel free to spice it up. Some mannequins come with hair, others with facial features. You can also choose to sub out some of your full-body mannequins with forms, which bring an interesting and vintage feel to your store. Look for forms in dark colors like charcoal that will contrast the red and gold hues that are popular this season.
If you don’t have the funds to purchase new mannequins now, you can still make them seem different. Don’t be afraid to use paint to make older forms look new, or put wigs on your mannequins to create a new look altogether.

Location, location, location
Sometimes, you can surprise and intrigue customers simply by rearranging where you place your mannequins within the store. It’s wise to put adult and child mannequins in your storefront windows, or to pair them with display tables containing the items they’re wearing, but try to find some curious places to put them to catch customers off guard. For instance, why not put a mannequin behind the register to get customers as they’re heading out the door? Depending on the type of store you manage, you can also consider putting the forms just outside your store doors to welcome passersby.