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Make mannequins speak to your audience

Make mannequins speak to your audience

In years past mannequins were only used to showcase clothing and accessories. However, in today’s market, these mannequins and forms are meant to not only show off a store’s clothing options, but also to breathe life and personality into a space. Figuring out what type of mannequins suit the overall style of your store can help customers understand what your shop is all about.

Ignaz Gorischek, the vice president of store development and visual planning for Neiman Marcus, recently discussed the ways in which mannequins can help enhance a store with Media Group International.

“We always look for soft and subtle poses that allow the fashion to hang naturally,” said Gorischek. “We don’t want poses with a great deal of movement that will stop the eye and distract from the clothing. Mannequins should also be engaging. When a shopper walks through an area, another presence makes her feel that she’s not alone. She sees another body and she wants to be there – and to look like that.”

You can create these feelings in your store by placing your mannequins in fabulous ensembles and putting them in natural poses. Enhance your store display by placing soft lighting on the mannequins to highlight certain trends, making the models come alive.