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Make life easier with wheels

Make life easier with wheels

With all the work you do in your store, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try to make life a little bit easier for you every now and then. Whenever you get the opportunity to make a small change that will have a large effect on your everyday work, make it. In the long run, the benefits for you and your shop will be worth it.

The wheel is one of the most celebrated human inventions and rightfully so. If your display tables and store racks are stationary, you might want to consider getting them moving with a set of wheels or a mobile base.

This small improvement allows you to move around and remodel many of the displays in your store with ease, giving you an edge against competitors in design. You’ll be able to change your shop around more often than previously so you can quickly adapt to seasonal themes and special events. A dynamic layout shows customers how much you care about your business and the work you’re willing to put into it to prevent it from becoming too stagnant.

If you’re familiar with the Vintage Boutique collection or have pieces that you think will benefit from a slight antiquated contrast, the set offers a unique set of caster wheels with a similar pewter finish.

You can use the wheels to further add to the aesthetic purpose of your store or you can simply save yourself the labor and back pain of dragging and lifting your tables and racks around. If your establishment doesn’t have many workers on at a time, this method can greatly expedite the amount of work single employees can do on their own.

It’s always better to work smart than to work hard when it can be avoided. It allows you to focus your efforts on other aspects and problems of your store while staying on top of one of the most important traffic influencers: your store displays. If there’s an unusually cold day in the spring, you’re well-prepared to roll that rack of long sleeve shirts at the back up in front of the door and lock it into place. Keeping a majority of your furniture and store fixtures portable provides you with the flexibility to react to unexpected situations, a feat very valuable in today’s volatile retail world.