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Looking for a theme for your window?

Looking for a theme for your window?

You know how important it is to change up your window displays every now and then, preferably every two months. You know that fresh new displays will better attract and engage customers, but how are you supposed to come up with six new ideas every year? There are a few places to start.


Of course, seasonal displays are some of the easiest and most common. Luckily, there are four seasons already, so four of your displays are pretty much done. However, to add variation to your store, try to create a theme based on a somewhat unique aspect of the season – for instance, creating an apple-picking theme instead of a broad “autumnal” display in the fall. It is also a good idea to base window themes around certain seasonal holidays, whether larger-scale ones like Valentine’s Day or smaller ones like Teacher Appreciation Day.

Science and technology

Science and technology are other themes you can use for display windows. This may not seem like it would work for every type of store, but translated in the right way, it certainly can. Think about the basics you remember from science classes in school – molecules, spaceships and social media all fall into this category, and are all intriguing to customers. Macy’s recently created a back-to-school display with a Facebook and Twitter social media theme, but you could also use a biology class theme for back-to-school children’s clothes.

Books and movies

Literature and film are an integral part of our society, which means that when you use a theme from a popular story, customers will likely have a positive reaction. A popular poem or piece of classic literature could serve as inspiration for a window display, and movies can, too. Make sure you choose a film that would have the same audience as your store.

Current events and celebrities

There is nothing like a little star power to add oomph to your window display. Maybe you want to create a patriotic theme based on the upcoming presidential election, or can use a superstar like Justin Beiber or Katy Perry to create a theme. Other celebrity events like award shows and ceremonies, such as the Golden Globes, could also serve as a theme for store displays.