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Lighting warms up retail space

Lighting warms up retail space

Customers today tend to look for stores that offer great products in a natural or organic setting. Luckily, this "green" idea can work with all retail stores, from jewelry shops to children's clothing stores and more. The key is to figure out what simple changes can be made, and in many cases switching out current lighting fixtures for softer versions can work wonders.

Lighting can be a balancing act in retail stores as it's important for shoppers to be able to see the true colors of what they're looking at, without it being so bright that it hurts their eyes. Start by testing different light bulb voltages in your store to see which ones have the right balance. You may want to put brighter spotlight bulbs over your display tables to showcase your newest merchandise, while softening up the lighting in the aisles.

Installing light boxes on the walls of your store is another interesting way to offer more light to your space. With light boxes you can select certain colors that will work to add pops of color to your store, acting as instant art and infusing style into your space.