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Let your displays speak for the store

Let your displays speak for the store

Part of doing good business in the retail world is showcasing your merchandise in ways that customers can't pass up. Whether they come in just to see your store displays or to purchase items, once you have their attention, it's likely they'll find something to buy. Because of this, it's important for store owners to make sure their storefronts look good up close and from a distance.

Your window displays should represent what your store is all about in an artistic way. For example, if you sell home goods, you would refrain from simply placing a bunch of pillows on a couch in the display. Instead, you'd want to create a scene that viewers could see in their own homes. Your window display should also have layers and dimension to help the scene come to life.

For a home furniture store, start by thinking about the seasons. For spring and summer, most people will want to see bright, light and airy scenes, so it may be best to showcase patio or deck furniture. Get into the spirit by adding in a grill and a few mannequins decked out in summer attire to get shoppers in the mood for a fabulous backyard bash.