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Less is more: How to make an impact in a small space

Less is more: How to make an impact in a small space

In a perfect world, each and every store would have all of the retail space it needs to display all of its products. Unfortunately, this is a pipe dream for many boutiques – but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a few tips and tricks to have the best possible store displays in any size space.

Here are a few tips for making a big impact in a small store space:

Build up
Having a limited amount of space means you have to get creative with your display options. While most stores would love to have huge stretches of table displays, they often are left with a much smaller area than they desire. This doesn’t mean they can’t construct great showcases for their products – it just means they occasionally have to think vertically with items like shelves.

Corner shelving units can be extremely helpful, as they allow you to capitalize on the oft-wasted space in a corner to show off products. The light colors and open design prevent the unit from looking too bulky and closing off a space.

Use color effectively 
The colors you utilize in a retail space can have a major effect on the perceived size of a store. Lighter colors brighten up an area in a way that darker tones do not, but you can incorporate any color into a small store through the use of an accent wall. By painting just one section a different color, you are adding an illusion of additional space, which changes the way a customer judges the store space.

Once you paint an accent wall or section, consider hanging some framed mirrors to the surface instead of covering it with racks or shelves. Not only will this leave the color exposed, but the reflections  create the appearance of more depth and space as well.

Embrace flexibility
You may think you put together the ultimate store display, only to find that the arrangement doesn’t work well with the flow of customers in the space. If this happens, you’ll want to have furniture and tools that can be quickly altered to better fit the atmosphere of a store.

Certain tools can go a long way toward making your displays easy to change. Flex kid mannequins are ideal, as they can be configured to fit into a given space or position without much effort. Other items, such as rolling racks, also work well thanks to the ease with which you can move them around at a moment’s notice.