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Last-minute Super Bowl items

Last-minute Super Bowl items

It’s 30 minutes before kickoff and guests are starting to arrive, when you realize you’re short on cutlery and cups. Despite any host’s best efforts, it’s easy to overlook certain home entertaining essentials. On Super Bowl Sunday, retailers that cater to sports lovers may want to stock up on some of the following items and lend their customers a helping hand, just in case people have to make a last-second trip to the store before the game begins:

Essentials for game day
What are the key components of a great Super Bowl party? Although the game might be the main event, all of those foods that have become synonymous with watching football are certain a draw as well. Hosts will need to be ready to serve up a variety of snacks – from chips and dip to chili, wings and burgers. Retailers can assist patrons by providing essentials for any casual dining affair. This isn’t limited to plates and bowls, but should also include cups, cutlery, napkins and placemats. Extra points if you offer them in Seahawks’ and Broncos’ colors. Hosts who have forgotten these must-have items will likely be in a rush if they’re heading out for some last-minute shopping, so put them front and center in store displays for the next few days and mark them clearly with signs or posters.

Supporting cast
Once the buffet table is set and game-day essentials are laid out, hosts will turn their attentions to setting the scene. Store owners can help customers get in the spirit of the event by offering decorations that are easy to set up in a flash. Dump bins filled with pendants, banners and colorful garlands can take party efforts up a notch without requiring months of forethought and planning.