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Last-minute retail display tips for the Christmas crunch

Last-minute retail display tips for the Christmas crunch

It seems like the Christmas shopping season comes sooner every year. If you're scrambling to get your store ready in time for the influx of holiday shoppers, don't panic. Take a breath, then consider these tips to create beautiful retail displays:

Take a minimalist approach

If you're really crunched for time and resources, choose a decorating style that maximizes the impact of each display piece. Rather than attempting to cover every surface with Christmas cheer, select a few standout items and focus your effort there.

For example, if you don't have time to string your store shelves with garlands, try something simpler, like putting Santa hats on your mannequins. If you don't have the resources to create a detailed window display, try creating a single focal point with a Christmas tree, boxed presents or dressed up mannequins instead.

Utilize pre-made decorations

During this busy season, you may not have time to craft unique visual displays. If that's the case, your best option is to use pre-made decorations that will add a festive feel to your show floor. This way, you can likely decorate the entire store in a single night and be prepared to welcome holiday shoppers the next day.

Hanging paper decorations in the shape of ornaments and snowflakes can provide a sense of festivity at an affordable price. Likewise, decorative lighting can give seasonal merchandise an inviting glow that encourages shoppers to take their time as they look for the perfect gift.

Get some help from the community

The Christmas season is a great time to engage with your local community. An appealing way to decorate your store and interact with your neighbors is to ask for holiday-themed artwork from local children. For instance, you could ask a nearby daycare center if it would provide drawings, or you could leave a stack of coloring sheets near the front of your store and encourage shoppers to return the colored projects. This shows that you value your brand's place within the community.

Create a temporary gift-wrapping station

A gift-wrapping station reminds shoppers of the impending holidays and encourages them to do their shopping at your store. Get an assortment of wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags in seasonal patterns. Professional wrapping services are valued by shoppers who may be too busy to wrap gifts themselves. Consider offering your customers the ability to leave their purchases with you so they can continue their shopping at other stores while they wait.

This is also an upsell opportunity that can boost your holiday sales numbers. A modest wrapping fee may not seem like much to your shoppers, but the revenue can add up over the course of the holiday season.

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