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Labor Day sales galore

Labor Day sales galore

Traditionally, Labor Day is celebrated as the official end to summer. It's an opportunity to enjoy the last days of sunshine and warm weather but also welcome fall in all its glory. As a store owner, Labor Day poses the perfect chance to have a sale, whether you're cutting down an overloaded inventory or encouraging shoppers to purchase more than one of your hot items. No matter how you choose to celebrate at your boutique, it's important to choose promotion ideas and sale displays that'll intrigue consumers and drive business.

Let's take a look at some creative promotion ideas, plus display ideas for your store:

1. Take advantage of seasonal themes

Summertime is often characterized by lots of red, white and blue based on the patriotic holidays that fall between May and September. Take advantage of this time of year by hanging patriotic decorations throughout the store. Follow this theme with creative promotional ideas, such as 50% or $13 off certain merchandise to represent the stars and stripes on the flag. Or, give discounts based on products labeled with red, white and blue stickers.

2. Make use of your display window

Labor Day is the perfect opportunity to redesign your display window. And as Shopify said, the display window is "one of the most powerful weapons" a retailer can use. It gives you the space to show off the personality of your boutique and allows you to play with themes and holidays – such as Labor Day – as an excuse to have a sale.

To create an enticing window display, develop a scenario with your full body mannequins and other merchandise display options. For inspiration, think about what customers are doing on Labor Day, such a relaxing outside with a book or sitting by the fire with friends. Set the scene with merchandise that's part of the sale to intrigue customers to come inside and look around the store. 

3. Get customers talking on social

Customers are constantly browsing social media. Give them a reason to come into your store by posting promotional collateral on your social media channels. If you're looking for greater engagement on social, you can host a contest and offer a discount to a selected customer who comments or likes a post. Ask your followers to leave a comment on your latest post about what they love to do on Labor Day as an entry into the contest! 

4. Host an end-of-summer party

Summer is a popular season that most people dislike bidding farewell to, especially those in areas that get lots of snow during the winter. If you want to get people in your store and simultaneously give summer a well-deserved sendoff, throw an end-of-summer party near Labor Day. Play summertime hits, provide refreshments and strategically place promotional displays from the front of your store to the back to get traffic flowing in and out of your boutique.