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Knock away the cold air with a beach party sale

Knock away the cold air with a beach party sale

Some areas in the U.S. keep getting cold weather, which can sometimes discourage shoppers from hitting the pavement to come in your store. This just means you’ll need to work a little extra harder with your marketing.

Send some of your favorite customers an invitation to an exclusive sale your store is holding. Make it a beach party theme so they can forget about the chilly temperatures outside and instead focus on the warm weather to come.

Hold the sale after normal store hours, so customers will know they’re in for something special. Decorate your shop with lots of colorful signs and bright marketing.

In clothing stores
In your window displays, hang up a large sun and purchase some mannequins for sale to dress them in beach attire. Showcase some of your best summer outfits by putting them in the front of the store. Add some fun accessories such as a beach ball and sunglasses next to the mannequins.

By offering promotions such as buy one, get one free bathing suits or a free pair of sandals with every purchase over $100, your customers will forget all about the heavy coats they’re wearing.

For home goods shops
Just know that this theme can extend past traditional clothing retailers – home goods stores can get in on the action too.

As many people tend to have picnics and barbecues on the beach, this is a great opportunity to incorporate the theme using your products. Offer up items for sale such as marinades and grilling supplies. Or, if your event is very exclusive, present each guest with a free item such as a picnic basket or a tote bag.

Also hold a cooking demonstration using some of your products. Keep it beach-themed with small finger sandwiches or mini sliders. Not only will you fill your guests’ stomachs, but you may inspire some sales.

Great for shoe stores
Nothing says the beach like sandals, so if you own a shoe store, you’ll want to set up a display table in the front of your shop and put your sandals front and center. Consider offering freebies such as nail polish for that perfect sandal-worthy pedicure or maybe some cleaning kits to keep the shoes looking as good as new no matter how many times your customers hit the beach.