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Kick off fall with the best boot trends

Kick off fall with the best boot trends

August is nearly over, and that means soon the leaves will be falling and temperatures will be dropping. Shoppers will be looking to retire their flip flops and sandals for more practical footwear, but that doesn't mean they are willing to give up looking fashionable as well. Let's look at some of the best fall boot trends coming up and how you can maximize your sales with proper display techniques.

What's in style for women?
Women have many choices when it comes to boots, but you can expect some ladies to be on the hunt for knee-high footwear, according to Elle magazine. Big, long boots that zipper up the front or back are going to be quite popular. When showcasing these on mannequins, be sure to pair them with a cute miniskirt or even leather leggings.

Just because boots come high on the leg doesn't mean they can't also have a nice heel. Whether the boots are leather or suede, women shoppers will be wanting to add a bit of height with a bit of a heel.

Of course, not all boots have to go up to the knee. Shoppers will also be looking for calf-length boots and lower boots that just cover the ankle. Some of these shoes will have adornments such as gold buckles to give the footwear a bit of an accent. Because there are so many different lengths of boots, you can have fun in your display window lining them up on various gondola shelves or display tables.

When it comes to colors, earth tones are in. Red leather looks great this time of year, as does a gray or green suede. And of course, every woman needs a good pair of black boots.

What's in style for men?
Men need boots that are sensible, versatile and stylish. AskMen recommends ditching the canvas Timberlands for some nice boots that can be paired with a suit or a nice pair of jeans. Brown lace-ups do well at the office but also are comfortable to walk in.

Over the past few years, men's shoe styles have become a bit more adventurous, so it may be fun to cater to this trend in your storefront. Stocking your display cases with brightly colored suede boots or leather boots with buckles and straps will appeal to guys who have a unique sense of style.