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Keep your store fresh

Keep your store fresh

Brick-and-mortar businesses today need to compete with not only each other, but also with the growing trend of online shopping. Although it may seem hard to find creative ways to help your store stand apart from the rest, with a few simple updates, you'll be able to compete.

Great ways to keep a steady flow of foot traffic in your store include having a friendly staff that works to help customers in need and offering a good value. These traits will help you compete with online stores, which is crucial to gaining a loyal fan base. Keeping up with changing trends is also important, as stale merchandise can deter shoppers from giving your store a second chance down the line.

Simple updates such as purchasing newer, more modern display tables or using wholesale ribbon to add pops of color to your aisles can also go a long way in customer satisfaction. Another fun and noticeable way to infuse color into your store is to purchase colorful gift bags for summer to replace your normal bags. This option will not only provide bright hues in your store, but may help your business get noticed by others when shoppers walk around with the bags.