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Keep your store displays modern

Keep your store displays modern

Today's culture is all about living light and easy and many consumers will want the stores they shop in to have a similar, feng shui feel. According to, the key to creating a peaceful space is by embracing specific elements.

The first step in creating a warm and inviting store is to ensure any windows are fully visible and clear of blockage. This not only lets natural light in, making the clothes or accessories you sell look better, but also makes customers feel they are still connected to the outside world.

Secondly, you should use certain colors for your space to exude peaceful feelings. Blue is the color of water and helps provide a space with a sense of fluidity, while green signifies the color of growth. You can incorporate these colors by way of your store fixtures or even the colors of your hangers. These pops of blues and greens will not only brighten up your store, but may help shoppers feel a sense of calm and relaxation.

Where you place mirrors in the store can also improve or change the mood entirely. It's best to avoid placing a mirror facing a door or in a space that would reflect clutter. Instead, keep the mirrors in spaces such as in front of the dressing rooms or near a collection of neatly folded shirts on display tables.