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Keep your store displays bright for summer

Keep your store displays bright for summer

Summer is all about being light and airy, and if your current store displays aren't up to par in this department, you may need to make some improvements now to increase consumer traffic.

You will want to refrain from displaying the season's hottest bathing suits and beach-wear on cold, metallic surfaces. Instead, you may want to try natural wood pieces or white or cream toned display tables and shelves to truly enhance the space.

Start by picking up display tables in cream or other light hues. Look for options with a bit of detail on the legs for added style. These colors offer a clean slate in terms of decorating, so bring the space to life even more using sassy Floral Print tin tray sets on the tables. A collection like this offers both fun colors and a unique way to display your merchandise. Fill up the trays with lovely necklaces and other jewelry collections or even with sunglasses or scarves that complement the colors without being matchy-matchy. To continue the light vibe, replace your old hooks with Cream distressed hook sets that are both beautiful and functional. Use the hooks inside the dressing rooms for a pop of class, and throughout the store to hang handbags, bathing suits or even a few summer dresses.