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Keep your leather boots in their best shape!

Keep your leather boots in their best shape!

Boots are back in a big way this fall. You have likely already gotten started on your fall store displays with boots of all shapes, sizes and materials taking a leading role on your display tables. Supporting your boots with boot trees and boot shapers is important to keep them looking their best, but caring for the different types of leather is important to keep the merchandise in tip top condition, too.

Whether the boots you're selling are nubuck, suede or patent leather, there are tricks to keep them looking their best.

Nubuck leather is one of the most delicate types of leather, because if it is scuffed, polished or dirtied, it will look entirely different than intended. When you take nubuck boots out of the box for your display, make sure you leave enough time to spray them with not one but two coats of water and stain repellent. If necessary, support them with boot weights and boot shapers to keep them well-formed.

If your nubuck boots do get dirty, you can remove any stains by rubbing a nubuck stain eraser, cloth or brush. You might want to sell these products along with the boots so your customers can continue to care for their new boots.

Suede is also difficult to care for at times. You should spray all suede boots with a protective conditioner, but that's not all. To keep suede boot displays looking their best, remember to brush them on a regular basis. You can use a plain terry cloth towel or a soft suede brush to raise the nap of the leather and make it look its best on display.

Because suede is thin and flexible, tall suede boots will need the support of boot trees to keep them upright and displayed properly. Also, suede tends to get discolored in the sun, so don't keep one pair of boots in a sunny display window for too long.

Patent leather is one of the easiest types of leather to care for because it tends to be the most water-resistant. You can keep this shiny surface gleaming with a soft damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Keep in mind that patent leather shoes will show dust the most, so you may need to dust or clean the display boots the most often.

You can condition clean patent leather by applying a bit of mineral oil on them with a cotton ball. Patent leather may show scuffs well, too. These can be removed with just a touch of acetone-based nail polish remover.