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Keep your jewelry displays fresh

Keep your jewelry displays fresh

The key to a successful business is figuring out what sells. In today's trying economy, more women are opting to keep their current wardrobe and are instead looking to revamp their jewelry collection to add that something special. If you're trying to figure out a way to bring in more foot traffic, you may want to start by setting up a phenomenal table display of jewelry.

A great way to rope in more customers is to mix in some expensive jewels with your more affordable pieces. This way, consumers are able to see a wide range of what you have to offer and may even keep your store in mind if they find a pricier piece they want to save up for down the line. When displaying higher and lower end jewelry, it's best to have a similar style for your display tables.

Try to create a unique display area by placing the mixed jewelry on more funky trays, such as a mirrored tray or floral print tin trays as these options are surprising and have flair of their own. Make sure to display multiple colors and jewelry styles to showcase something for everyone's taste.