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Jewelry retail needs for the holidays

Jewelry retail needs for the holidays

The holidays are the perfect occasion to treat loved ones with a piece of eye-catching jewelry. Be it rings, bracelets or necklaces, every style and design can be highlighted in your shop to stand out among seasonal merchandise during Christmas sales. If you’re a retailer who sells accessories, here are a few store fixtures you’ll want to consider:

Showing off jewelry
The first step for any retailer whose stock includes accessories is effectively advertising the stylish goods you have for sale. Fortunately for you, display fixtures are available in a wide range of models and materials, making them a snap to fit into any theme. Popular materials include white leather, which serves as a smooth canvas that particularly highlights bold pieces of jewelry. For example, a standing bust form in white could be the ideal backdrop for a bright collection of necklaces or pendants. Pearl or entirely metallic accessories, however, may be better accented on darker structures like black velvet square risers or necklace displays. These classic pieces look both sleek and professional, and match with any retail tone. If you have a themed space like a boutique, there are specialized items to choose from as well, such as twig jewelry stands and teak risers, which complement a boho-chic design.

To flawlessly match the sophistication of your jewelry, you’ll want pricing to be equally professional in appearance. Look for markers and backing cards with a bit of character, such as jewelry tags in a gold tone.

Seasonal packaging
Proper jewelry supplies are a necessity year-round, but never more so than during the holiday season. For complete preparation, be sure to have a sufficient stock of packaging products on hand. Essentials for safe and stylish transfer include jewelry bags, which serve as both a soft, protective layer for delicate jewelry and a pretty gift wrap option. Velvet pouches are a particularly classic piece, which come in varied colors, metallic hues and fun patterns like leopard print and zebra stripe. Jewelry gift boxes can be equally diverse and emphasize the point that good things really do come in small packages. Be sure to include all of these items at your gift wrapping station, and have staff members who are knowledgeable about what supplies would best suit the packaging of varied accessories and who can offer suggestions to customers.