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Jewelry display tips for every type of accessory

Jewelry display tips for every type of accessory

Too many stores stick to bland jewelry displays that don’t do their best to sell merchandise. This is a mistake on a number of levels – chief among them is that you’re not taking steps to customize the store displays to make each piece of jewelry stand out. Not only do you run the risk of these accessories getting lost in the shuffle, but you also could find that they became tangled or separated from corresponding pieces.

How can you avoid these messes from plaguing your store? To start, you can work to make jewelry displays as organized as possible – without becoming boring, of course. Here are some tips you can keep in mind as you think about how to show off each of the main types of jewelry.

Of all accessories, necklaces require perhaps the most attention when you are organizing displays. To catch a shopper’s eye, you should display necklaces in their full glory – meaning they need to be dangling at their full length to show off all of the details of a piece. Doing this will also prevent them from tangling with each other or forming knots in chains – and you’ll certainly want to avoid these issues, as they could leave a consumer with a negative impression.

The good thing about necklaces is that they can be displayed in a variety of different ways, with many options catering to a diverse range of atmospheres or styles that you may have in your store.

You have a lot of options to choose from when you are planning how to showcase bracelets. A practical method for displaying these wrist ornaments is as part of a cork set. Many of these top options contain bracelet holders that can be used to hold several items, and they can often be integrated into larger displays with ease. These tools also allow you to group similar colors or styles together, or to put a set of bangles and similar unique pieces on display.

There is a range of options that come into play when you’re looking for ways to show off earrings. Because so many of these accessories are easy to pair with different outfits or styles, there’s no harm in grouping a large number of sets together or weaving the displays into a variety of store showcases.

A fun way to display earrings is with a cork board. These versatile boards can be conveniently integrated into any wall or table display and, perhaps more importantly, are relatively easy to maintain and refresh. You can either push the earring backs right into the cork surface or let them dangle from bars or pushpins – whatever method works best for you and the store.

Rings are a versatile accessory, but they only lend themselves well to a few types of jewelry displays. Individual stands will let you show off special pieces that you believe deserve attention, while any items that may be similar in color or design can be grouped together using a ring display capable of holding as many as a dozen rings.

If you have a lot of rings, or any other type of jewelry, you may want to consider investing in bulk retail supplies or store fixtures for the specific purpose of highlighting these baubles. Having many individual ring stands will also allow you to place signature pieces in table displays or on shelves close to corresponding colors and outfits, making it easy for shoppers to find accessories to go along with their new outfits.